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Gift boxes
Jewerly/necklace boxes
Cosmetic/perfume boxes
Trinket boxes
Packing boxes
Paper hand boxes/bags
PVC boxes
Food paper boxes
Wash labels/Woven labels
Tags and labels
food paper bags
Adhesive labels
Trademark labels
notebooks and folder
paper carton boxes /tinplate can
Photo frame
decorations item
plastic box
brochure printing /calendar
gift and shopping bags
plastic bags and aluminum bags
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Factory Address: 1st floorJu taian factory,No.1industrial area Dianqian , Huli district, Xiamen ,Fujian Province, China

Company Address: 901,S.O Bussiness building -B,17 Malong Road, Huli district,Xiamen, Fujian Province, China


Address: B-901 room,SO Commercial Building, NO.17 Malong Road, Huli District, Xiamen City, China.
TEL:86-592-5715537/5715536 Fax:86-592-5715538 E-mail:admin@fjprinting.cn Code:361006
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